About Hi Rise Network

Our Mission:

To build relationships, brands and businesses by breaking down barriers to simple human interaction.

About us:

Hi Rise Network brings connectivity to today's anonymous office buildings, providing a quick and easy platform to meet and network with others in a professional way. No more awkward introductions, or wasting valuable time. The web-based communications solution capitalizes on the power of proximity to cultivate connections you can use in work and everyday life. Business or personal services you need today are now in your building or just around the corner, not an arduous trip across town.
Hi Rise Network is the brainchild of Leslie J. Saleson, a successful CEO and serial entrepreneur who has worked in many high rise buildings and understands the challenge of building one's business and personal network. Her light-bulb moment hit several years ago while she was engaged in other ventures. She circled back to its essence and accomplished her objective - to provide much-needed connectivity through proximity, to the high rise office building market.


The Hi Rise Network Team


Leslie J. Saleson

Founder & CEO, Hi Rise Network, Inc.

Leslie is a proven business executive, investment banker and entrepreneur.  She coalesced her wide-ranging professional experiences and innovative vision in establishing Hi Rise Network, Inc.  Leslie previously founded and operated two successful businesses - one a professional services firm. She also acquired and turned around a manufacturing company and served as President, COO of a nearly $100 million staffing and HR company.

Leslie earned her MBA from the University of Wisconsin Graduate School of Business and her BA from Michigan State University, with Honors.


Rob Silvershein

EVP, Advertising Sales & Marketing, Hi Rise Network, Inc.

Rob is a seasoned media executive who brings 20 years of deep knowledge to Hi Rise Network, Inc.  He has the experience and discipline to take a company from startup to its full potential.  Rob previously worked for well-recognized media organizations, responsible for traditional, emerging and entrepreneurial media platforms.

Rob earned his MBA from the New York University Leonard Stern School of Business and his BS from Cornell University.

Mallory Saleson

Executive Editor, Hi Rise Network, Inc.

Mallory is a communications and media specialist with extensive international experience in the public and private sectors. She spent nearly two decades in broadcast journalism before joining private sector corporate communications. She later moved into international development communications as an executive with The World Bank.

She earned a MSc. in Journalism from Boston University School of Public Communication and her BA from University of Wisconsin.