Buildings are changing - Driven by expectations and competition for more from landlords

  • More Services

  • More Connections

  • More Community

  • More Cost Efficiency

How can landlords attract and compete for the best tenants?

  • Help tenants make the most of their time spent in your building- Working & Living
  • Build tenant loyalty and satisfaction by fostering an environment that benefits them as individuals and businesses

The ingredients for building community are there- What's needed is the mechanism to:

  • Integrate People
  • Enable Business Opportunities
  • Offer More Services
  • In Real Time
  • By Location
  • Interactively

Hi Rise Network Connects People & Businesses in Hundreds of High Rise Office Buildings- Growing Every Day!!

  • Our proprietary HRN Connection Engineā„¢ enables building management to create relevant events for their tenants
  • Our 'Local To You' section brings tenants to street level restaurants, retail & services by location
  • Exclusive HRN Healthcare discounts powered by TriNet (a publicly held HR company)
  • HRN can white label (customize) your portal within our platform or you can implement our platform for free to your building(s)

HRN is the enablement platform that turns your building into an interactive enrichment zone for your tenants to connect and engage!

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