Our Mission, Our Core Values

Genuine Human Relationships

Hi Rise Network was founded on the principle that face-to-face interaction is the best way to build important business, professional and personal relationships.

We use technology to give Members the tools to meet others in a comfortable way, reduce the anonymity of working in a high rise building, mitigating loneliness, building community and saving time.

Providing a Showcase Platform for Small and Mid-Sized Companies

Hi Rise Network is invested in the success of each of our Members and Member Businesses.  Bringing important partnerships and relationships to our Members can make a meaningful difference in their business and professional career.

HRN Platform is Green

Hi Rise Network is, by its nature and design, Green.  Our emphasis is on meeting people where you work – walking or taking an elevator to meet others. No cars necessary.

We Extend Ourselves to Lift Up Others

Hi Rise Network believes in giving and giving back – doing good, feels good!

We support all non-profits that help others and offer them free messaging on our platform, a place to post about everything they’re doing and highlight their good works in our weekly emails to Members.

Health and Wellness are Integral to our Work Lives

Caring for our physical and mental health is essential to living a long and fruitful life. HRN spotlights businesses, events and other important activities that contribute to and improve our feeling of well-being. 


The Hi Rise Network Team


Leslie J. Saleson

Founder & CEO, Hi Rise Network, Inc.

Leslie is a proven business executive, investment banker and entrepreneur.  She coalesced her wide-ranging professional experiences and innovative vision in establishing Hi Rise Network, Inc.  Leslie previously founded and operated two successful businesses - one a professional services firm. She also acquired and turned around a manufacturing company and served as President, COO of a nearly $100 million staffing and HR company.

Leslie earned her MBA from the University of Wisconsin Graduate School of Business and her BA from Michigan State University, with Honors.


Rob Silvershein

EVP, Advertising Sales & Marketing, Hi Rise Network, Inc.

Rob is a seasoned media executive who brings 20 years of deep knowledge to Hi Rise Network, Inc.  He has the experience and discipline to take a company from startup to its full potential.  Rob previously worked for well-recognized media organizations, responsible for traditional, emerging and entrepreneurial media platforms.

Rob earned his MBA from the New York University Leonard Stern School of Business and his BS from Cornell University.

Mallory Saleson

Executive Editor, Hi Rise Network, Inc.

Mallory is a communications and media specialist with extensive international experience in the public and private sectors. She spent nearly two decades in broadcast journalism before joining private sector corporate communications. She later moved into international development communications as an executive with The World Bank.

She earned a MSc. in Journalism from Boston University School of Public Communication and her BA from University of Wisconsin.