Hi Rise Network's Platform connects you with others working in or near your high rise office building, saving you valuable time and making your life better. Click here to get started

Be more productive at WORK:

  • Post Announcements about your company.
  • Invite others to Meetings and Events.
  • List Job openings and Subleases.
  • Meet targeted contacts and resources.

Make your LIFE better:

  • Connect with others who want to Ride Share.
  • Sell and buy stuff in the MarketPlace.
  • Initiate and Participate in hobbies and clubs.
  • Find Volunteer opportunities.

If I Sign Up, What's in it for me?

  • New targeted connections, an elevator-ride away.
  • An easy, fast and safe way to sell and buy tickets and other stuff.
  • Instant resources, when and where you need them.
  • Exclusive deals for Hi Rise Network members
"Hi Rise Network enabled my firm to offer a seminar to our neighbors. Within a few weeks, we have shared clients with three of them!"
Litigation Attorney
The team behind Hi Rise Network has years of experience working in high rise buildings, successfully using the power of proximity. Learn more about Hi Rise Network
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